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In Pearlman's poetry, the "Blue Oyster Cult" was a group of aliens who had assembled to secretly guide Earth's history. In a interview published in the U. The addition of the umlaut was suggested by Allen Lanier , but rock critic Richard Meltzer claims to have suggested it just after Pearlman came up with the name, reportedly "because of the Wagnerian aspect of Metal". The hook-and-cross logo was designed by Bill Gawlik [2] in January , [16] and appears on all of the band's albums.

The hook-and-cross symbol also resembled the astrological symbol for Saturn , the Roman god of agriculture, [19] and the sickle , which is associated with both Kronos Cronus and Saturn both the planet and the Roman god. Many heavy metal bands have cited them as a major influence, and bands such as Metallica and Iced Earth have covered their songs on studio recordings and during live performances. They were also quite influential to several early punk rock bands. They are seen as one of the main influences by rock noir bands such as the genre originators Belladonna ,. Out of these bands, fellow New Yorkers moe.

A photo of the performance can be seen here. The in-authored AllMusic page for stoner metal states: '" Stoner metal bands updated the long, mind-bending jams and ultra-heavy riffs of bands like Black Sabbath , Blue Cheer , Blue Oyster Cult and Hawkwind by filtering their psychedelia-tinged metal and acid rock through the buzzing sound of early Sub Pop-style grunge. It is a compiled track-by-track analysis of the entire output of the group that uses period and recent interviews with band members and those close to the band. It is complete up to Curse of the Hidden Mirror. The original recording was produced at The Record Plant in New York by David Lucas , who sang background vocals with Roeser and played the now famous cowbell part.

WATTS - Flash Of White Light

Manager Sandy Pearlman mixed the record. The band's influence has extended beyond the musical sphere. The lyrics of "Astronomy" have been named by author Shawn St. Jean as inspirational to the later chapters of his fantasy novel Clotho's Loom , [26] wherein Sandy Pearlman's "Four Winds Bar" provides the setting for a portion of the action. In , titles and lines from the band's songs provided structure and narrative for the third Robert Galbraith pseudonym for J. Rowling novel — Career of Evil a Cormoran Strike novel. Template:Div col.

Template:Div col end. While Eric Bloom has always been the band's official lead singer, other members of the band have contributed lead vocals throughout its history:. Template:Main article. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Add Video. Add Image. Contents [ show ]. Noise11 Retrieved on Clotho's Loom. Retrieved Categories :. Cancel Save. Quelles sont vos questions? En Que voulez-vous dire? Un renouvellement. Vous comprenez? Tu ne fous rien. Tu dois travailler plus.

Etes-vous toujours enthousiaste? Et je ne comprends pas.


Les musiciens de Metallica connaissaient-ils vos disques? La plupart des photos dans ce livre sont des natures mortes. Quels sont vos photographes favoris? Je ne serais rien sans eux. Tout un symbole? Wouah, lui, tout de suite…. Comme les promotions. Pourquoi ce break? Il nous a fallu inventer un nouveau langage, en quelque sorte.

Authentique pour le moins. Comment cela se passe? Donc ou jouait sous trip avec la ferme intention de faire entrer le public en transe. Hendrix oui, le premier Floyd oui. Il y avait deux potes et moi, plus ma meuf. Ils crament leurs cadavres sur les bords du Gange.

Du coup, on vit constamment au milieu des corps. Il se faisait appeler Kapalnat et est hyper connu en Inde. Ils sont vraiment flippants. Le groupe est alors un trio En revanche, il y a des gens qui naissent comme cela. Ma nouvelle formation est plus clean. Sinon on perd le truc. On entre dans le monde des esprits. Sans concession. Que nous vaut cet enthousiasme? Elvis et ses vibrations avait introduit un truc ultra cul, le truc des Noirs. Un nouveau disque des Madness, tiens, ils reviennent. Actuellement les Rolling Stones comptent quatre membres.

Adrien sort dans le couloir et tombe sur Mick Jagger en personne. Philippe G. A trois, quatre, parfois douze, jamais plus de quinze. Comme dans Allez vous faire foutre. Comment y aller? Moins palpitant, certes, mais pourquoi pas. Parfait, me dis-je, je peux toujours tenter ma chance au Trabendo, et filer vers mon providentiel plan B ensuite. Je passe au distributeur, puis glisse vers la porte de Pantin. Une quarantaine de personnes, tout au plus, attendent calmement. Non, non… Que faire? Trois minutes plus tard, je passe le barrage. Je cours, euphorique, vers la salle.

Venetian Boy. Sister Flux. Violently Happy. Total Immunity. Early Release. Metz - Mr. Plague, "Strange Peace", Sub Pop, Stupid Thing. Pencey Sloe, "Pencey Sloe", Autoproduction, The Deepest Ride. Killing In the Name. Joy of Recognition.

Open Arms. God Save the Queen. Plymouth Futy - Cadaveres, "Tape", Autoproduction, Pennywise - Bro Hymn, "Pennywise", Epitaph, Zola Jesus, "Okovi", Sacred Bones, The Beatles, "Sgt. Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds. Fixing a Hole. Primus - Mr. Krinkle, "Pork Soda", Interscope, Damso - Comment Faire un Tube.

Rocking in a Free World

Iban Call - Oh It's Sunday, "Oh It's Sunday", Completly Gone, Meute - Rej, "Tumult", Tumult, No Shelter. Father Murphy ft. The Doors, "Strange Days", Elektra, Moonlight Drive. Strange Days. Jessica 93 - R. In Peace, Teenage Menopause, David Bowie - Sue, "Blackstar", Sony, Algiers, "The Underside of Power", Matador, Cry of the Martyrs.

The Underside of Power. Algiers - Cleveland. Astronomy Domine. Lucifer Sam. Dalek - Weapons, "Endangered Philosophies", Ipecac, The Beatles - Sgt. War Is Hell.

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Knuckle Up. Ho99o9 - Hydrolics. To Have and To Hold. Agapes, "Agapes", Third Coming, Faraway God. David Bowie - Cactus, "Heathen", Columbia, Agapes - Black Groove. Pictures of Home. Smoke On the Water. Audioslave - Cochise, "Audioslave", Epic, Enter the Fray. We Chase the Sound. Zack de la Rocha - Digging for Windows, Half Poison, Half God. Cocaine Decisions.

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Eminem - Lose Yourself, "8 Mile", Aftermath, Everything Is Real. The Gun. Lan Del Rey - Love, Polydor, Fleurance, France Loisirs, Spectres - Neck, "Condition", Sonic Cathedral, Shannon Wright, "Division", Vicious Circle, The Thirst. Skinny Puppy, "The Process", American, Blue Serge. Hooverphonic - Amalfi, "Reflection", Sony Music, Moon Duo, "Occult Architecture Vol. The Death Set. Cult of Moloch. DeStijl - Awkward, "Manc", Adami, Depeche Mode - Fools, Mute, Will of the Devil. The Doors, "The Doors", Elektra, Alabama Song Whisky Bar.

Pharmakon - Transmission, "Contact", Sacred Bones, Nacht Und Nebel - Movoco Syntaca. Medium Medium - Hungry So Angry. Puggy - Lonely Town, "Colours", Island, Swans - When Will I Return? Stella Marris. Bury the Heart. Metallica - Atlas, Rise! No Sleep Till Brooklyn. Paul Revere. Interview : Life of an Owl In Alaska. Starving - Le Monologue de la Souffrance, "Dour 15th", Steels - Drunk Dragon, "Dour 15th", She's Crushed.

Free Reign. In the Woods Blank Page. U2, "October", Island, Stranger In a Strange Land. Duchess Says, "Sciences Nouvelles", Bonsound, Negative Thoughtd. I'm an Idea. The Assembly - Never Never, Mute, Membrane - Burn, Music For Satan, The Family Physicians. Visage, "Beat Boy", Polydor, Only the Good Die Young. True Widow, "Avvolgere", Relapse, Back Shredder. What Finds Me. Marilyn Manson, "Antichrist Superstar", Nothing, The Beautiful People.

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    Revok — One hundred year, Music Fear Satan, Membrane — Burn, Music Fear Satan, Die Eier von Satan. Album de la semaine. Thee Oh Sees - Jammed Entrance. La Raw-vue de Core and Co. Books On the Radio. Archive de la Semaine. Inwolves - Vladimir, "Involves", Consouling Sounds, Ministry, "Twitch", Sire, Ministry - Just Like You. Ministry - The Angel. Poison Point, "Motorpsychold", Third Coming, Poison Point - Osiris Temple. Poison Point - Far Away. Slayer - Piece By Piece.

    Slayer - Angel of Death. Preoccupations - Degraded, "Preoccupations", Jagjaguwar, The Kills - Doing It to Death. The Kills - Bitter Fruit. The Kills - Impossible Tracks. Suicide, "Suicide", Red Star, Suicide - Ghost Rider. Suicice - 96 Tears. Sigur Ros - Ovedur, Massive Attack - Inertia Creeps, Circa, White Night Ghosts - Post Love. White Night Ghosts - Deviance.

    Kvelertak - Nattesferd, "Nattesferd", Roadrunner, White Night Ghosts - Body Destruction. Dead Man Ray, "Trap", Virgin, Dead Man Ray - Woods. Dead Man Ray - Nezt. Faithless - Muhammad Ali, "Outrospective", Cheeky, Martha High - W. Dead - Sleeper, "Voices", KdB, Bruce Springsteen - Dancing In the Dark. Bob Dylan - Hurricane, "Desire", Columbia, Yeti, "Amidst", Send the Wood Music, Yeti - Amy. Yeti - Farewell. Foreigner - Urgent, "4", Atlantic, Yeti - The Path. Unsane, "Blood Run", Relapse, Unsane - Make Them Prey. Unsane - Killing the Time. Ultravox - Vienna, "Vienna", Chrysalis, Eagulls, "Ullages", Partisan, Eagulls - Heads Or Trails.

    Eagulls - Skipping. Dead - Substance, "Voices", KdB, Eagulls - White Lie Lullabies. Public Enemy - Prophets of Rage. Public Enemy - Bring the Noise. Vitalic - Poney Pt. Future of the Left - In a Former Life. Future of the Left - Miner's Gruel. Deftones - Gore, "Gore", Reprise, Future of the Left - Eating For None.

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    Explosions In the Sky - Tangle Formations. Explosions In the Sky - Disintegration Anxiety. Explosions In the Sky - Infinite Orbite. Caravan - In the Land of Grey and Pink. Caravan - Golf Girl. Pixies - Where Is My Mind? Jealousy, "Paid For It", Moniker, Jealousy - Doin' a Little Time. Jealousy - E. Jealousy - Go Away. Eagulls - Lemontrees, "Ullages", Partisan, Saul Williams - Groundwork.

    Saul Williams - Ashes. David Bowie - Life On Mars? Can, "Tago Mago", United Artists, Can - Paperhouse. Can - Mushroom. Daughter - New Ways. Daughter - Numbers. La Muerte - L'Essence des Chocs. La Muerte - Kustom Kar Kompetition. Eagulls - Skipping, "Ullages", Partisan, Serge Gainsbourg - Chatterton, Kokomo, "Monochrome Noise Love", Dunk, Kokomo - I'm Bill Murray. Kokomo - Monochrome Noise Love. Ingmar - Persona, "Ingmar", Autoproduction, The Velevet Underground - Candy Says. Tindersticks - Help Yourself. Tindersticks - The Waiting Room.

    Tindersticks - We Are Dreamers! Sepultura, "Roots", Roadrunner, Sepultura - Roots Bloody Roots. Sepultura - Lookaway. Dewolff, "Roux-Ga-Roux", Electrosaurus, Dewolff - Sugar Moon. Dewolff - Toux-Da-Loux. Sauna Youth - Transmitters, "Distractions", Autoproduction, Bloodiest - Suffer, "Bloodiest", Relapse, Dewolff - What's the Measure of a Man. The Doors, "Morrison Hotel", Elektra, The Doors - Blue Monday. The Doors - Peace Frog. Pharrell Williams - Freedom, Sony, Zelienople, "Show Us the Fire", Immune, Zelienople - Doubt the Reasons.

    Zelienople - Blue Sans. Zelienople - Sun In the Eyes. Savages, "Adore Life", Matador, Savages - The Answer. Savages - I Need Something New. Savages - Mechanics. Ministry, "Filth Pig", Warner Bros. Ministry - The Fall. Ministry - Filth Pig. Jennylee - He Fresh, "Right On! Jennylee, "Right On! Jennylee - Blind.

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