Gaelic Baby Names: Gaelic Names for Girls and Boys

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Female Farrell. Female Ferelith. Female Fia. Female Fiadh. Female Fianna. Female Finella. Female Finley. Female Finn. Female Finola. Female Flanna. Female Flannery. Female Flynn. Female Glenna. Female Grady.

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Female Grainne. Female Grania. Female Ireland. Female Ita. Female Kady. Female Kaitlin. Female Kaitlyn. Female Kaitlynn. Female Kara. Female Kassidy. Female Katelynn. Female Kathleen. Female Keara. Female Keegan. Female Keela. Female Keelan. Female Keeley. Female Keelin. Female Keely. Female Keenan. Female Keira. Female Kelly. Female Kennedi. Female Kennedy. Female Kerry.

Female Kevyn. Female Kiera. Female Kieran. Female Kiernan. Female Laoise. Female Larkin. Female Lennon. Female Mab. Female Macha. Female Mackenna. Female Madigan. Female Maeve. Female Magee. Female Maire. Female Makena. Female Makenna. Female Mare. Female Maureen. Female Maurya. Female Mckenna. Female Meabh. Female Meara. Female Merial. Female Meriel. Female Merrin. Female Mirin. Female Mirren. Female Moira. Female Mona. Female Monca. Female Morna. Female Morrigan. Female Muireann. Female Muirgen. Female Muirgheal. Female Muiriol. Female Muriel.

Female Murielle. Female Murphy. Female Myrna. Female Neil. Female Neila. Female Neile. Female Nela. Female Neve. Female Niall. Female Nialla. Female Niamh. Female Nora. Female Noreen. Female Noreena. Female Nuala. Female O'Brien. Female O'Keeffe. Female Oona. Female Orla.

Female Orna. Female Paili. Female Pegeen. Female Peig. Female Quinn. Female Reagan. Female Regan. Female Reilly. Female Renny. Female Riley. Female Rion. Female Riona. Female Roan. Female Rohan. Female Roisin. Female Rory. Female Rosaleen. Female Rowan.

Female Ryan. Female Ryleigh. Female Sadbh. Female Sadhbh. Female Saoirse. Female Sarai. Female Saraid. Female Seana. Female Shane. Female Shannon. Female Shawn. Female Shay. Female Shea. Female Sheena. Female Sheila. Female Sheridan. Female Shevonne. Female Sinead. Female Siobahn. Female Siobhan. Female Sloane. Female Sorcha. Female Sullivan.

Female Tallulah. Female Talula. Brendan Raven. Brennan Little raven. Bresal Pain, a war. Bressal A battle. Briain High, noble.

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Brian High, noble. Briartach Skilled seaman. Brodie A ditch. Bruadar A dream. Bruatar A dream. Brugach Rich in lands. Buach Victorious. Buadh Victorious. Buadhach Victorious. Buagh Victorious. Buan Lasting, enduring. Buckley A boy. Burne From the brook. Burnell Strong as a bear.

Cadell Little battle. Calbhach Bald. Caley Slender. Callahan Little bright-headed one. Canice Handsome. Carey Loved one. Carlin Little champion. Carrick Rocky cliff. Carroll Fierce warrior. Carthach Loving person. Cary Loved one. Casey Vigilant. Cassidy Clever. Cathal Battle ruler. Cathan Of the battle. Cathmor Great warrior. Cavan Handsome. Cearbhall Hacker. Christie Follower of Christ. Cian Ancient, distant. Ciaran Dark. Cionnaola Wolf-head. Clancy Red warrior. Cleary Scholar. Colm Dove. Conall Strong as a wolf. Conan Wise. Conchubhar Hound-lover. Conlan Hero. Conn Chief. Conroy Wise.

Conway Yellow hound. Cormac Lad of the chariot. Cronan Swarthy. Curran Irish surname. Daire Fruitful or Fertile. Daithi Swiftness, Nimbleness. Dalaigh Frequenter of Gatherings. Daley Counsellor. Daniel World mighty. Dara Compassion. Daragh Fruitful or Fertile. Darby Free from envy. David Swiftnwess; nimbleness. Deaglan Full of Goodness. Declan Full of Goodness. Dempsey Proud one. Denis Brown Lord. Derby Free from envy. Dermot Envy free.

Derry Redheaded. Desmond The world. Devlin Fierce bravery. Diarmid Without envy. Diarmuid Without enemy. Dillon Faithful.

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Dolan Black-haired. Domhnall World mighty. Dominic Lord.

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Donagh Brown Haired Warrior. Donaghy Strong fighter. Donahue Warrior dressed in brown. Donal World mighty. Donald Great Chief. Donegal An Irish county. Donnacha Brown Lord. Donoghue Warrior dressed in brown. Donohue Warrior dressed in brown.

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Donovan Dark warrior. Dooley Dark hero. Doolin Black Sword. Doran Wanderer. Dow Black-haired. Driscoll Interpreter. Duane Little dark one. Dwane Little dark one. Dwayne Little dark one. Dwyer Black. Dylan Faithful, Loyal. Eachann Horseman. Eamnonn Protector. Eamon Gaurdian of Riches. Earnan Knowing. Edan Little fiery one.

Edmond Gaurdian of Riches. Edward Wealthy Guard, Blessed Guard. Egan Little fire. Eimhin Swift. Einri Ruler of the Estate, Home Rule. Eirnin Iron.

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Elroy Red-haired youth. Emmet whole, immense, universal. Enda Bird-like. Ennis Island. Eoghan Born of the Yew Tree. Eoin Bord of the Yew Tree. Erin From Ireland. Ernan Serious. Ervin Friend of the Sea. Eugene Well born, noble. Eunan Fearful one. Euston Heart. Evan God is gracious or Young warrior. Evoy Blond. Fachnan Name of a Saint. Fachtna Malicious; Hostile.

Fagan Little ardent One. Fallon Leader. Faolan Wolf. Farrell Hero; Man of Courage. Farry Manly. Feardrocha Dark Man. Fearghus Supreme man, Highest Choice. Feich Raven. Feidhlim Beauty; Evergood; Bright. Ferdia Man of God. Fergal Man of valour. Fergus Supreme man, Highest Choice. Fiach Raven. Fiachra Raven. Fial Modest; Honorable; Generous.

Fianan White and Fair. Finbar Fair-headed. Fineen Beautiful Child. Finian Fair. Finn Fair. Finnegan Fair. Fintan Little fair-one, White headed. Fionan Handsome. Fionn Fair, Brilliant. Flann Ruddy. Flannan Red-haired. Flannerry Red-Haired. Flinn Son; Red haired Man.

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Flynn Red-haired. Fogarty Exiled. Foley Plunders. Forbassach Conqueror. Francis Little french Man. Frank Little french Man. Frederick Peaceful Ruler. Gabriel Able Bodied one of God. Gael Stranger. Gair Short. Gallagher Foreign helper. Galvin Right one. Gannon Little blond. Gara Mastiff.