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This lawn, however, abuts a residential district to the south. Board member Ian Calder-Piedmonte pointed out that a bar, under town code, needs to be feet or farther from a residential district. Bridgeton Holdings gets to 25 rooms at Journey East Hampton only by combining the units on both and Montauk Highway, which add up to exactly The planning board could waive that requirement.

Though planning board chairman Samuel Kramer cautioned against acrimony May 1, it was clear that board members wanted a clear explanation for why they were, in their view, misled the last couple of times Bridgeton came before them.


Eric Bregman, an attorney, recently came on board the Bridgeton team to handle the local matter. He said the bar was for service only, and that there was no cash register. The planning board had previously granted a site plan to Bridgeton to allow them to improve the facility, comprised of the former Dutch Motel, and the East Hampton Hotel. When the planning board granted that approval, it was unaware that there was a bar in the hotel lobby. Calder-Piedmonte said that the site-plan presentation by Bridgeton and Laurie Wiltshire, another local representative for Bridgeton, made no mention of a bar at all, despite the fact that they had already obtained a liquor license from the Suffolk Liquor Authority, which allows them to serve up to people at a time on the property.

In the case of Hero Beach, the license from the SLA allows up to customers on the property at any one time. It was a Sunday and there was a pickup soccer game on the grassless, gravely field in Dormaa Ahenkro, Ghana.

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He arrived late and was sent into the game much earlier than normal for a year-old playing alongside grown men. And there was the stranger in a baseball-style cap watching everything as he stood under a nearby tree. Then Asiedu returned to the school for orphans where he'd been living for several years, ever since his grandmother could no longer afford to take care of him.

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Kids grow up different ways. Not everyone here has that mentality. He came to the United State from Ghana with his family when he was 14 in He played soccer at St. Benedict's as an assistant coach. And on that fateful day, Owusu was watching Asiedu, one of several students at the school he was observing.

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  6. So that's basically how I got involved. Monmouth University's Anderson Asiedu in action last season for the Hawks. The story really starts when Asiedu's mother died in So as Owusu asked around, it was those villagers, who had done their best for the humble, respectful boy, who kept talking about the young soccer player with so much potential.

    And while Owusu remained in the background at that first game, when the elders were quick to get Asiedu onto the field, it was clear to the teenager why Owusu was there the next time he showed up. He was looking a like five or six kids, and we all went to a house to take an exam. In Ghana, if someone does something that prestigious, it's an honor and you have to respect them until death. He changed your whole life, so I respect him a lot.

    When Asiedu walked off the flight at John F. Owusu was there to meet Asiedu and take him to St.

    Smith's Lawn

    Benedict's, where he would live, go to school and play soccer. So I was looking for a spot to do it and Sylvers is, 'No, no, you can't do that. Asiedu made up for what he lacked in his understanding of local customs with a desire to succeed and incredible athletic ability. We quite frankly were just open to giving the boy an opportunity to study and play soccer and attend school in the United States," said St. Benedict's soccer coach Jimmy Wandling.

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    Monmouth University players surround Anderson Asiedu center after he scored a goal last season for the Hawks. But within weeks Asiedu was emerging as a leader in the locker room. And when the coaching staff began adding a better technical foundation to his natural talent, he blossomed on the field.

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