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Bearing fruit is more than witnessing but it always involves witnessing. Notice once again that the first two spiritual disciplines deal with our relationship to God. That relationship is represented by a vertical relationship.

10 Ways to Grow Spiritually - Breaking the Complacency Habit

When we hear the word, God speaks to us. When we pray, we speak to God. The last two spiritual disciplines deal with our relationship to fellow man. This is a horizontal relationship between a believer, the church and the world. When we faithfully attend church we fellowship with other believers. When we are faithful to share Christ with the lost then we are witnessing to the world.

If you truly desire to develop a close, growing relationship with Christ, then learn and put into practice the spiritual disciplines of:. Upload sermon. Bobby Earls. John —5. Spiritual Growth. Spiritual Disciplines. Spiritual Maturity. Christian growth. Sermon Tone Analysis.

Bible Object Lessons for Kids - Growing in God is as Simple as GROW!

First, 1. We receive the word many ways: 1. Listening to the Word of God taught or preached 2. Reading the Word of God 3. Studying the Word of God 4.

10 Steps to Grow Spiritually

Memorizing the Word of God 5. Meditating on the Word of God 6. Applying the Word of God to our lives. Pray to God the Father, not to be heard of men, v. Be consistent 5. Keep a prayer journal. Follow a pattern of prayer, i. Last year I saw a couple of girls pray and receive Christ in a college dorm I was working in. I consistently met with a girl named Gretchen, and I encouraged her to read the Gospel of John. She was curious and I helped her to understand what she was reading.

In addition to teaching spiritual things, we must also share our lives with new believers, being open and honest about the good and bad as well as what God is teaching us. Get together and do fun things. Go shopping, play video games or go out to lunch.

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When you become someone's friend, you show who you are and that it can be fun to be a Christian. I met five times with a college student, Kristi, to go over the basics of Christianity. But our weekly meetings were difficult because she was so shy. When Kristi still hadn't gotten involved with a Bible study that I was leading, I took her out to lunch to reconnect with her. This was the best time we had all semester. She saw that I cared about her and wanted more than just to share spiritual things. The second semester, Kristi came to the Bible study almost every week. Paul mentions that he is like a spiritual parent to the new believers: "But we proved to be gentle among you, as a nursing mother tenderly cares for her own children" 1 Thessalonians Another part of follow-up is introducing new believers to other Christians who can encourage them and support them in this new phase of life.

Invite new believers to come to your Bible study or church. If you are meeting with them to go through follow-up materials, ask some of your Christian friends to come too. This way they can make new friends, hear different perspectives and learn from others. It's never too early to encourage new believers to talk to others about how God has changed their lives. This will help to solidify their faith and show how God is working.

When you share your faith with others, take them along and train them in how to share the gospel. Then they can be multiplying disciples and see God touch others' lives like He has touched their lives. The Holy Spirit's role is essential.

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Help new believers understand who the Holy Spirit is and what it means to walk in the Spirit's power, not their own power. If we try to live the Christian life on our own, we will just fall away. As soon as possible, make a transition from sharing the gospel to initiating follow-up. New believers might have questions and doubts, and it's important to support and encourage them right away. Offer a specific meeting time and make it easy for them to say "yes.

In follow-up, we can play an important part, but ultimately it is God who is doing the work.

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Don't be offended if people aren't interested. God is the one who is pursing them and He will bring about fruit. He has promised in His Word to bring about the good work that He has begun in us. Understand how you can know God personally. What is Christianity? Denomination: Holiness. You want to help them know God better, follow Him, have their lives reflect His love and grace and you Scripture: Ephesians Denomination: Assembly Of God.

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This sermon seeks to encourage persons to get off the performance treadmill to experience growth in grace and Christian maturity through an intimate relationship with Christ. Scripture: 2 Peter Denomination: Baptist. Your flesh - don't be fooled A. Looks good - Matthew B. Sounds good - Matthew C. Feels good - Matthew 33, 35 2. Rejection of flesh - identify the time - John A. A time where pride is stripped away B.

A time where you become We are never beyond God's grace, but if we want to experience the full benefits of that grace, then we have to work on growing in God's grace. We pick back up this morning with our HOPE Point sermon series, looking at those four statements that define the kind of church we will be: Rooted in Christ. Grounded in Hope. Growing in Grace. Giving in Love. Scripture: Matthew Denomination: United Methodist. Prior to salvation, Paul lived a life of prestige, authority, and power. Following salvation, he learned much he once considered gain was actually loss.

As he grew in grace, he realized the abundance available in Christ. He lost much, yet he gained more. admin