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A continuous system of misconception identification provides teachers with the foresight they need to intervene effectively in students' learning. I think it would be hard to find any better AFL strategy out there.

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Actionable Insights Use our powerful Data Analytics, Feedback and Planning tools to understand your students better than ever. Students revisit mathematics topics at different points in the year, and are supported by the extra practice offered by the Mentals and Homework Books.

This helps students make connections over time, supporting their mathematical recall and fluency. New Maths Plus is on the way!

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Click here to see what's new. Assessment Books are packagd with a corresponding Student Book. To view the range, see the Student Books tab. The Maths Plus Teacher Dashboard provides access to a range of resources for students and teachers across F—6 and K—6.

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  • See the wealth of resources and support material available on the Maths Plus Teacher Dashboard. Take the tour today. Delve deeper into the research around maths practice with an article by Annie Facchinetti. Maths Plus. New Maths Plus is on the way. Student Books with new designs and illustrations Teacher Books are back Teacher Dashboard with updated resources.

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    Series overview Maths Plus is a whole-school maths program that offers explicit instruction, practice and consolidation activities, problem-solving tasks, and mentals and homework activities, for F—6 and K—6. Teaching resources, including curricula and planning documents, assessment and diagnostic term reviews, and answers Student resources, including learning, support and extension activities.

    Series components. Student Books for F—6, K—6.

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