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In every respect, the Cloudventure did the job. According to Damien, the biggest challenge for Half Marathon des Sables Peru runners is not distance or heat, but logistics:. Food : 4kg of freeze-dried meals providing around 3, calories per day. There are a variety of savory foods pasta, rice, puree, tabbouleh and sweet options compote, cream, muesli. Also plenty of energy bars for during the race and carbohydrate drinks with minerals for hydration in the heat and post-run recovery.

Kitchen kit: A small alcohol-burning stove and a spoon.


When you have to wear the same clothes for four days, lightweight fast-drying gear like the Long-T and the Hybrid Shorts are invaluable. The gaiters, a scarf or similar for face protection and the poles are all essential to face the sand. So, after surviving his tour of the desert, will Damien be back to take on the Peruvian desert again? Back to grid Share this article. What's in a desert runner's pack? The Long-T. See the details. The Hybrid Shorts. The tight under-shorts worked well, with gentle, supportive compression shorts. The Cloudventure. The lightweight, fully cushioned off-road running shoe.

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In the cockpit, Officer pilot Sommer unhooks his oxygen mask, and takes a deep breath. He sees his comrades smiling at him through the canopy. Helped by a technician assigned to the Arado, he unfastens his seat belts and shoulder harnesses that have held him solidly attached during the flight. Outside the airplane, the sun is blinding, and some ground personnel hurry to shake his hand.

After all, this has been the world's first reconnaissance flight with a jet airplane. August 2 nd , hours. Eric Sommer photographs the artificial harbor at Arromanches from his Arado at an altitude of 11, meters.

This photo which was transmitted to the German high command reveals the floating docks and more than three hundred ships. Click To see the datasheet: click here. Erich Sommer in Erich Sommer private collection. Click September 28 th , Juvincourt is now an allied military airfield.

Eric Sommer with his Arado flies over the base where he took off from for his historic flight over Normandy.

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Now the new occupants are P Thunderbolts and one Avro Lancaster. A camp consisting of tents has been erected. Outlined with dots, the bunkers that sheltered the Arados two-month before can be seen.

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Click The pressurized cockpit of a Ju 86R. The small hand crank is used to adjust the precision bombsight. Erich Sommer private collection. We find them again in Casablanca, still attached to the Armistice commission. At the beginning of August , they are called in Beauvais to be part of high altitude bombing raids over England. The era of the "raiders" had begun. Much to their surprise, they are intercepted at 44, feet by a Spitfire IX flown by Emmanuel Galitzine of BF due to a transmission error.

The pursuit in on and will last for forty-five minutes! Sommer will successfully bring their airplane back, having to land in Caen due to canon shells having pierced the airplane all over. It will be the first, and the only air battle at this high altitude during the entire war.

At the beginning of , we find our two pilots at the Arado proving test program. During their training on February of , they will witness the world's first flight of a four engine jet airplane; the Arado V8. Click The Arado Company In the naval yards of Friedrichhafen specialized in the construction of all sorts of vehicles, including seaplanes. In , a runway was built near the naval yards, and aeronautical activity began lasting through the big war.

After the war, financial difficulties drove the company into bankruptcy. Arado meaning plow in Spanish , was the name chosen for the rebirth of the company in , to keep the philosophy of the naval yards; "the plower of the seas", and also to designate their seaplanes.

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We can also find this naval attachment in the numerous torpedo seaplanes produced by the Arado Company; the floatplane AR being the most known. He renewed acquaintance again with his friend in when Roland Garros made a forced landing behind the German lines.

His enterprise was nationalized, and he was ousted. He died in at fifty-six years of age, ruined, and without witnessing the development, and the work of his associates to whom he had passed on his personal knowledge, and discipline for excellence.