Knight Moves: The K J Knight Story

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Then As days continued, times got longer. Tooker ran almost every day, usually resting on Sunday. When July hit, Tooker pushed his limits. There were no late nights anymore. The first days of SU cross country practice opened with a team reflection on its race at Louisville.

The coaching staff apologized to the team, new head coach Bell said. They hoped to pinpoint and learn from the main factors of the race. Tooker thought about the meet a lot during the summer, but now he wants to move past it. We told Tooker that this would be your show this year, and it should be.

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Emily & KJ’s Love Story

By Joey Pagano May 15, at am. By Christopher Cicchiello May 15, at am. By Josh Schafer June 25, at pm. By Michael McCleary June 21, at am. By Nick Alvarez June 21, at am. By Nick Turner May 7, at pm. By Daniel Strauss May 7, at am. I was and always will be a Ted fan.

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BUT this book is about the rock scene at that time. It is truthful, funny, sad and shocking. I read it in one sitting.

I would recommend this book to any person that remembers those days and maybe wasn't even born yet. This is a great, fast, and fun read. Long live Rock and Roll. Great Book Mr. KJ Knight. A Wonderful Summer Read. Ever wonder how it might have felt to have been in the vortex of the classic rock scene while it was in the making?

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Drummer K J Knight recounts his hedonistic rock and roll escapades with the likes of Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, Bob Seger and more; from the events that propelled Knight into music, through his on- and off-stage exploits with fellow rockers, to the K J Knight of today, this story is fun, frenetic and freaky. A fantastic read!!

I grew up in the Detroit area during the days when musical talent was bursting forth everywhere. Reading K. J's book really brought me back to those heady times again.

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The book is written in a simple direct style that made me feel like the author was sitting right in front of me telling me his story. If you were a fan of Detroit area rock , you need this book! Survival of the Fittest, baby!! Great book covering a great time in Rock n Roll history.

I feel Fine With KJ Knight playing the old Beatles song.

Knowing KJ was an honor and a privilege even if our paths only crossed for a short time. His words definately cover the canvas with vivid memories of the era. Buy this book! You won't be able to put it down. Go to Amazon. admin