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Now give them a two sticks together. May be a little more difficult, but doable. Point out that on our own…alone, life can get pretty difficult. It helps when we have someone with us like Naomi had Ruth. Together we are stronger. Think of some people in your life that make you stronger. It may be your family. It may be a friend. It may be a teacher or a coach. Take a minute and thank God for them.

Other people can let us down. Others may have let you down by not taking your side or spending time with other people and not including you. Jesus will never let us down. He loves us more than any person possibly could. He is our family redeemer, our avenger! He left all the glory of Heaven and came to live and die on this earth to pay the price for our sin.

He died our death so that we could live His life. She took the place of a servant, humbling herself to Him as her Lord. Redeem means…. God created us…He created me and you and all else in this world. We were created to be His. When Adam and Eve sinned, they lost ownership of that which had been given to them by God — eternal life. Jesus came and paid the price with His life on the cross to redeem, to buy us back that we may have life in Him. Boaz took Ruth home to be his wife; she would not be alone and on her own.

They also became a family. Jesus promises in Matthew 28 that He will be with us. We become brothers and sisters in Christ. Talk about a huge family!!! Even when times get hard, we can know God is with us and working. When we trust Jesus, we are saying we will follow Him no matter where He leads we will trust Him.

God Is Faithful (Story of Ruth and Naomi) Sunday School Lesson

We choose Him over holding on to old ways in our life. Boaz paid the price that was necessary; Jesus paid the price that was necessary to buy us back. He laid down His sinless life for us and took our place dying for sinfulness. Ask another leader ahead of time to be ready to close in prayer and to pray over each child briefly by name. Sometimes Bible lessons for kids can finish early; therefore we have included some lesson extenders!

Previous lessons in the "I am Incredible" Series. Special note: We do preview the websites to which we link, but are unable to peruse them completely. We try to check others' faith statements and make sure they do profess Jesus Christ as God's Son and salvation is found only in Him. It must, however, be your responsibility to personally dig into God's Word and allow the Holy Spirit to be your first and final teacher on all subjects. Our editorial content is not influenced by advertisers or affiliate partnerships.

The story begins in the land of Bethlehem with, Naomi, and her husband, Elimelech. Bethlehem was in the middle of a famine. Does anybody know what a famine is? A famine is when the land is SO dry that they are unable to grow any food! Naomi, had two sons named, Mahlon, and Chilion, and it was in the land of Moab that her sons found wives.

Naomi, felt very small and very unimportant. Do you ever feel small or unimportant? Naomi, decided that she would go back to the land of Bethlehem. Give them time to answer. Her name was, Ruth. God, knew that their hearts were sad with the death of their husbands, and, God, knew that life was going to be hard for them, and so He prepared a way for them. In Bethlehem, Ruth, needed to collect food for her and, Naomi. She went to a field and picked up the grain that had fallen to the ground. The workers explained that she was with, Naomi, from the land of Moab.

Boaz, saw that, Ruth, was a good worker who cared for, Naomi. Boaz, was kind to, Ruth, and invited her to join him and his workers for a meal. Boaz, then sent, Ruth, home with grain for, Naomi. Naomi, wanted, Ruth, to be taken care of, and so, Naomi, sent, Ruth, to where, Boaz, was sleeping.

Boaz, was honored that, Ruth, would be willing to marry him, but, Boaz, knew that there was a closer relative to her than him. The next day, Boaz, would go to town at meet this relative, if this relative would not take care of her, then he would. God, knew that, Boaz, would show kindness to, Ruth, and, Naomi. Use the following guide to tell the story.

Do you have anyone in your family that is very old? How do they walk and act? Naomi and Elimelech had two sons. They all lived in Bethlehem. Have you ever heard of that town before? Jesus was born there One day there was a great famine. Naomi and all her family were so hungry. I wonder how that felt to have no food … how would Naomi and her family have acted with no food?

So Naomi and her family decided to pack up all their belongings and move to a land called Moab. There was plenty of food there in Moab! How do you think they all acted when they lots of food after being so hungry? But one day a sad thing happened. Naomi's husband Elimelech became very sick and then he died. Naomi was very sad, but she still had her two sons. They took good care of their mother. Time went by and one son married Ruth. The other son married Orpah.

Both Ruth and Orpah lived in Moab with their families. Naomi loved her new daughters. Have the children hug or put arms around one another to show affection Naomi felt for Ruth and Orpah. Then one day something terrible happened. That left Naomi, Ruth, and Orpah alone, with no sons or husbands. I have family there who will take care of me.

And Ruth and Orpah, you must return to your families, maybe you can some day find new husbands to take care of you. Naomi started walking but then realized her two daughters-in-law were following her. Have you ever had a friend move away? How did you feel? May God treat you as kindly as you treated me. Where you go, I will go. Where you live, I will live. Your people will be my people and your God my God. So Ruth decided to stay with Naomi. Ruth packed her things too and they started on their journey.

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It was a long walk! Where do you like to walk? What would it be like to walk all the way to a different country? When Ruth and Naomi arrived at Bethlehem, all Naomi's friends were excited to see her. They gave her lots of hugs. Who has a hug for me? Then Naomi explained how sad she felt because her husband and sons had died. One day, Ruth said, "I'll go into the fields and gather the grain the farm workers leave behind. Maybe they will be kind and share their leftover grain with us.

After the workers picked the grain, they let Ruth pick up the leftovers. Let's pretend to pick up grain and put it in a basket. Soon the owner of the field came and saw Ruth. His name was Boaz. He was very kind to her and let her take all the grain she needed. And he let her eat with his workers at mealtime. He said, "You are taking good care of Naomi, your mother-in-law. May God bless you for all you have done. Maybe he will take care of us.

Let's pretend we're getting dressed up. Let's put on our best clothes. Now we'll spray on some perfume. Now we're ready to see Boaz. When Boaz saw Ruth, he promised to take care of her. Then Boaz talked to the other people in his family. They agreed that Boaz should marry Ruth. The wedding was a happy day for everyone. Have you ever been to a wedding? What was the best part? About a year after the wedding, Ruth had a baby boy. All Naomi's friends clapped their hands and said, "God has given you a grandson and a wonderful daughter who loves you!

God Is Faithful (Story of Ruth and Naomi) Sunday School Lesson - Ministry-To-Children

The little boy was named Obed. When little Obed grew up, he had a son named Jesse. When Jesse grew up, he had a son named David. David was the boy who killed the giant Goliath and later became the king of Israel. So Naomi became the great-great-grandmother of a king! After all their sadness, God gave Ruth and Naomi a happy family. Sometimes sad things happen to us, too. But God can make everything turn out for the best. After the story: Sit in a circle with the children and discuss some of the Background Information to the story.

Does anyone know what that means? Ruth and Naomi were very poor. In those days there was a law about harvesting the fields. Harvesters could not cut down the grain from the corners of the field and if they dropped any grain, they were not allowed to pick it up. They left these parts of the field for the widows and the poor to come and pick it up. This was called gleaning. This was a way that people could help the poor. So when Ruth and Naomi moved back to Bethlehem, Ruth went into the field to glean grain. Widows are women whose husbands have died. In those days, women needed husbands to take care of them.

Ruth and Naomi were both widows. There was another law at that time. The law said that the closest male relative was supposed to marry a widow and take care of her. Now whose field did Ruth go to when she was gleaning the grain? He brought Ruth to a field where she could glean grain and it just so happened that this field belonged to one of her closest relatives! Boaz was very kind to Ruth. He agreed to marry her and to take care of Ruth and Naomi. And then after they were married….

God gave Ruth and Boaz a son named Obed and Naomi a grandson! God loves us and is with us always. Even when we think we are all alone and going through really sad times, God is always there, loving us and knowing that things will work out for our best in the end! Objectives: 1 Children will learn the story of Ruth and Naomi. Ask if they remember any other Bible stories when people were in situations that seemed hopeless. But because they knew that God was with them always, they could be strong and brave and continue to praise God, even if sometimes their lives were hard, scary or sad.

And because of their faithfulness to God, God was faithful to them and brought them blessings. The workshop leader will narrate the story and pause to allow the children to act out the story. Children may want to repeat the lines of the characters. In the time when Israel was ruled by the Judges, a man called Elimelech lived in Bethlehem with his wife, Naomi, and their two sons.

One year the harvest was so poor that Elimelech could not get enough food for his family. So they decided to leave Israel until the famine was over and go to live in the nearby country of Moab. While they were there, Elimelech died. By this time the two boys were old enough to look after Naomi. Both of them married Moabite women and they brought them home to live. Not too many years later both the sons died. Poor Naomi was left in a foreign land with her husband and without her sons. But her daughters—in-law, Orpah and Ruth, were good and kind to Naomi and they comforted her as much as they could.

But soon Naomi felt homesick for Bethlehem.

10 Powerful Lessons from the Book of Ruth

She had heard that food was plentiful there again so she packed up all her belongings into bundles and the three of them set off. When they came near to the border, Naomi stopped. She went slowly, turning often to wave, for she loved her mother-in-law. You are not just my mother-in-law, you are my good friend. Where you stay, I will stay. Your people will be my people, and your God my God. When Naomi saw that Ruth had set her heart on going with her, she said no more. Naomi was also pleased that Ruth decided to take the one true God as her God.

And they headed off for Bethlehem together. In those days women could not earn a living by taking a job and Naomi had no husband or sons to provide for her. But God had given the Israelites special laws, so that they would help all those in need. Farmers must allow poor and hungry people to come into their harvest fields and pick up any stray stalks of grain that the workers dropped or overlooked when they were harvesting. Picking up the leftover grain was called gleaning. When Naomi and Ruth arrived in Bethlehem the workers were harvesting barley.

Book of Ruth Quick Overview

If I work hard I can get enough for both of us to eat. She kept close to them all morning, picking up every stray gain stalk she could see. At midday, Boaz, who owned the land, came to see how the harvest was going. He went over to her. I will see that they leave you in peace and let you gather grain. When you are thirsty, drink from the water that my men have drawn. Now, come and have dinner with me. May the God whom you have learned to trust keep you safe in his care. He was very kind to me. I am sure that God guided you there! You see, Boaz is a relative of my family.

You will be safe with Boaz and he will take care of you. She thought hard. The harvest would soon be over. How would they manage then? Naomi prayed to God and soon God helped Naomi think of a plan. Once it is over and he is all alone, you are to go to him. Ask him to protect and care for us because we are members of his family. Boaz was happy that Ruth had chosen to come to him for help.

He listened carefully to what she had to say, then sent her home with a generous present of grain for Naomi. Naomi was so happy. He will make plans to help us. That man must be given first chance to help the two widows. Boaz waited by the town gate until this man came by, then asked if he wanted to look after Naomi and Ruth.

It would mean buying back land that had once belonged to Elimelech and marrying Ruth. The other relative sealed the bargain by giving Boaz his sandal. This was the way contracts were done in that time. Boaz gladly married Ruth himself and they went to live at his home. Time went by and one day Naomi was as excited as Ruth and Boaz when their first baby was born. And now you have a son to carry on the family name. Jesse became the father of David.

David was the same David who killed Goliath, the giant, and later became king. After all their sadness and hard times, God gave Ruth and Naomi a happy family. It was because they were faithful to God through all their troubles that God blessed them in a big way. You see, you might remember that King David married and had children, and they had children and on and on for many more generations ….

The END! Gather children together in a circle. Use the Background Information and the following questions to discuss the story. Even Ruth, who came from the foreign land of Moab, believed in the God of Naomi. And no matter what happened to Ruth and Naomi, they were not alone. God was with them and took care of them. What were some ways that God took care of Ruth and Naomi?

Why did that make a difference? What did Boaz do to show extra kindness to Ruth? How did they seal their bargain? God planned for Ruth and Boaz to be married. God loves each and everyone of us and is with us always. Grades Write about a hard time you have experienced. How did God take care of you?

Extra Activities: If you still have extra time, review the memory verse by writing it out on the blackboard. Review the verse with the children, then one by one, erase the words until the children can recite the verse entirely from memory. Gather the children together. You may ask one of the children to say the closing prayer, or you may pray something like this, Dear Lord, We are so glad that you promise to be with us always.

Help us to make choices that show we are faithful to you always. In Jesus name, Amen. Clean-up: Have the children help hang up all costumes in the closet. Put all props away in the appropriately labeled prop boxes. Help the Shepherd collect Journals and nametags and put away. Adventure Dream Team, Instead the children gathered for the first 15 minutes for music and Gathering Games. Here is a list of the games we played. They could easily be adapted into a complete workshop or more! Preparation: Find images that represent the story of Ruth and Naomi.

Glue to index cards or cardstock cut to size 3X5 is good Make a duplicate set. Hide the cards around the classroom. To Play: As children arrive show them a sample of the card you used. Have them look for all the cards. Once they have found the cards, have them put the matching pairs together. Spread the matched pairs out on the floor or table so everyone can see.

Discuss how the cards fit in the story. If this is the beginning of the rotation, give the children a mini-preview of what will be coming — then use the cards later on to review and see what they have learned. Preparation: Write out the words to the memory verse on index cards, one word per card.

Make a duplicate set. Shuffle each set of cards together and place each set in a basket at one side of the room. To Play: Divide children into two teams and line them up opposite the two baskets. First person in line must hop down to basket, pick up a card and hop back to line. Next person hops and picks up a card and hops back. Continue like this until all the cards have been picked up. After all children have hopped, try skipping, walking backwards, etc. Once all the cards are at the team line, have the children put the memory verse in order.

First team to finish is the winner! Preparation: Prepare a list of symbols that are relevant to the story. Buy play-doh To Play: Gather children together in a circle. Oidest child goes first. Have the child take a ball of play-doh and sculpt the symbol. Children in the circle must try to guess what the symbol is and tell how it relates to the story. Divide children into two teams. Give each team a Bible.

Let one person from first team spin the wheel. Give the team a question. If team answers correctly, they get the number of points indicated on the spinner. Team with most points wins! Questions: 1. Old 2. In what book of the Old Testament is this story found? Ruth 3. Where was Naomi and her husband Elimelech originally from? Where did Naomi and Elimelech travel to after leaving Bethlehem?

Moah 5. Why did they leave Bethlehem? Naomi and Elimelech had how many sons? Who did the sons marry? Moabite women — Orpah and Ruth 8. What happened to Elimelech and the two sons? What did Naomi tell Ruth and Orpah to do? What did Ruth say to Naomi? What is gleaning? Why did Israelites allow gleaning? Gleaning helped provide for the poor and widowed Israelites.

Were Israelites required to allow foreigners to glean also? Whose field did Ruth glean from? Boaz How did Boaz treat Ruth? Why did Naomi want Boaz to marry Ruth? What did Ruth ask Boaz to do when she went to see him at night? What did Boaz say? Yes, but first he had to check with a closer relative Why did the other relative take off his sandal when he was with Boaz? Ruth and Boaz got married and had a baby boy. What was his name? Obed Ruth was the great-grandmother of whom? King David Ruth was a member of whose family tree?

The Messiah was prophesied to come from the line of whom? Name one way God provided for Ruth and Naomi. Boaz treated Ruth kindly even though she was a foreigner. How does God want us to treat others who are different than us? Why do you think Ruth was willing to leave her family, friends and home? Go Glean Preparation: Copy images from story onto cardstock or cut out and glue to index cards.

Write the name of the character or what the image is underneath the picture. Make four sets of cards. If you have more children, make additional sets of cards. Shuffle the cards. Deal out six cards per player. Place the remaining cards, face down in the center of the group. Youngest child goes first. If any players have a matching pair in their hand, have them lay them down in front of them. Play then passes to the next player. Play until all the center cards are gone.

Player with the most pairs at the end of the game is the winner. Discuss with the children how the symbols help to tell the story. Ruth and Naomi Concentration. Preparation: Copy images from the story with titles onto cardstock or cut out and glue to index cards. Make a duplicate set so you have two of each image.

To Play : Shuffle the cards. Lay out the cards, face down on a table or floor — in rows and columns resembling a Concentration board. Divide the children into two teams. First team turns over two cards — if they match, the team takes up the pair and plays again. If they do not match, turn the cards back over and play passes to next team. Continue play until all the cards are matched. Team with the most matches is the winner.

Permission granted to use for non-commercial, local church use. See note at end of posting. Cooking Workshop 1 Summary of Lesson Activities:.

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But occasionally the cooking activity does not have as obvious or concrete a connection with the lesson as do some of the other activities. Help the children make that connection by intentionally discussing the way the activity relates to the lesson of the day. Discuss during preparation, eating and clean-up times. Check ingredient labels to make sure nuts and nut oils are not included in any cooking activities!! Time Guidelines:. Make sure everyone is wearing a nametag.

Tell the children that you will be learning about the friendship and faith of two women. You will make banana muffins to sell to raise money for the Food Pantry. Opening Prayer: Precious Father, Thank you for this day and this time we spend together. Guide us to share what we have with others. Bible Study: Each workshop begins with a Bible story. Introduce the Story: Today, we will be learning about Ruth and Naomi, their friendship, love and stewardship.

We will learn how even in difficult times, God can bring about good. This is one of the most well-known love stories in the Bible. It is found in the Old Testament and takes place a long time before Jesus was born. Grades Have the children wash their hands.

Lesson #2 – The Past is Not Our Final Destination When We Trust God

Have children put on aprons. Let all the children participate! Gather the children together and let them measure the ingredients. Mix all the flour, baking powder and sugar in a bowl. Mix the buttermilk, egg, margarine and lemon juice in another bowl. Add the two mixtures together. Mash the bananas on the paper plate and then add to the mixture.

Put paper liners in muffin tin. Bake deg. Discuss while preparing the muffin batter:. When the muffins are done, let them cool. Then have the children bag two muffins per Ziploc baggie. Discuss as you are bagging the muffins:. Extra Activity: If you have extra time before parents arrive, review the memory verse with the children in the following way: Stand in a circle — arms length apart. Then go around the circle one at a time and have each child say one word of the verse. Did everyone remember all of it? Repeat having children squat down and jump up when they recite their part.

Repeat several times adding different actions as you say the verse. Gather the children together in a circle holding hands. Friendship, love, stewardship, redeemer are some suggestions Encourage them to come back next week and to bring a friend, especially a friend who does not have a church home. Close with a circle prayer.

Tell the children that you will start the prayer and pass it on to the next child, if anyone does not want to say a prayer, let them squeeze the hand of the next child to pass it on. When it comes back to you finish the prayer.

Bible Stories for Kids! The Story of Ruth (Episode 13)

Opening Prayer: Use same as in Cooking Workshop 1. Preparation: Gather necessary supplies Have the children wash their hands. Older children may slice or chop the vegetables with supervision by the shepherd. Have younger children measure out the frozen vegetables and other ingredients, open the cans and bags and pour into the pot. Put all ingredients into the crock pot. Preparation: Set out the paving stones on the tables. Explain that Ruth was gleaning during the barley harvest — let the children examine the barley.